About Melbourne Art Class

Melbourne Art Class emerged from the community art classes being taught by Melbourne artist and teacher, Marco Corsini.

Marco’s Children’s Art Class and Enderby Studio Art Program were originally created in 2008 in collaboration with and sponsored by the Uniting Church at Enderby Studio in Richmond.

Children's Art Class
Children’s Art Class

The aim of the classes was to give community access to visual arts experiences and training. The Enderby Studio Art Program encompassed regular workshops, presentation and guest speakers.

From 2012, Marco began running the classes independently. In 2013, with a growing interest in the program, Marco invited Jesse Dayan and Carolyn Howells to teach – and Melbourne Art Class was born.

Melbourne Art Class now continues to present a regular program of high quality courses and workshops presented by some of Melbourne’s best artists and teachers. You can find out more about Melbourne Art Class’ teachers here.

Floral Design, Carolyn Howell's Orchid Nest 2013
Floral Design, Carolyn Howell’s Orchid Nest 2013

Marco’s vision is to develop inclusive and accessible high-quality creative courses and workshops. His underlying passion for a range of art, historical to contemporary, underlies a commitment to creating an environment where individual students have the encouragement, support and technical ‘know how’ to achieve their creative goals.

Melbourne Art Class offers a range of courses for every step of the artist’s journey. Rebekah Pink coordinates the classes, workshops and enrolments through the Melbourne Art Class ‘Hub’.

Rebekah is best placed to advise you on what it is like to start taking the classes as a beginner and where to start. You can get in contact with her by emailing hub@melbourneartclass.com.

Studio Art Program
Studio Art Program

If you are an absolute beginner, having never picked up a piece of charcoal, or an established artist, our courses page will provide details of all our classes. These include Studio Art, Life Drawing, Painting and Floral Design. We offer short courses and term-based programs.

If you have any questions about the art classes we offer, feel free to contact us.

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