Ignacio teaches our Painting and Life Painting courses.

Ignacio holds a Master of Visual Art (VCA), Bachelor of Visual Arts (Adelaide) as well as both a Postgraduate and Graduate Diploma of Art, Sociology (Melbourne).

Ignacio has a background in both fine arts and sociology and is undertaking a multidisciplinary PhD at the University of Melbourne in visual art and Australian studies.

Ignacio has exhibited extensively and internationally as well as being finalist in numerous art competitions. These include the Black Swan Prize, Albany Art Prize and Australian Stencil Art Prize.

Ignacio Rojas, Source: Creative Spaces
Ignacio Rojas, A Flower for Mama, 2018, Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 in.

Ignacio has experience as an art teacher in several art schools and in socially inclusive artistic programs and as a research assistant and project officer at universities including RMIT University, Victoria University and The University of Melbourne.

Ignacio has recently returned to Melbourne after almost three years teaching at the San Francisco Arts Institute and the City College of San Francisco. We are very lucky to have him join our team of talented teachers at Melbourne art Class.