Intermediate Drawing with Hilmi Baskurt

6 weeks
Level: intermediate/advanced

This is the much-anticipated follow-on course from Hilmi’s original drawing class, The Four Elements of Sketching. Hilmi will be addressing a lot of common issues students experience in the first drawing course.

Ivana Dash, 2016

The course is structured around observational drawing and is dedicated to those who are looking to establish a basic knowledge in shaping three-dimensional space on two-dimensional surface.

You will learn how to effectively use space with the help of structural drawing, applying the basic principles of composition and searching for the most expressive and effective placement of objects.  You will draw objects close to their actual appearance with the correct proportions and also understand the internal structure of the depicted objects.

During the six-week course you will learn:

  • Basic structural drawing in which values and details are later built upon, considering the strength of lines for better understanding of forms.
  • Tonal value drawing, defining form through light and shadow with attention to structural and proportional accuracy.
  • Using ink to built up on values and to create depth.

You will cover the following content:

  • Line and structure
  • Proportion and composition
  • Tone, shape and shading (value)
  • Negative space and perspective
  • Contour and volume

Students who would like to join this class will need to have completed a previous drawing course with us or have previous drawing experience.

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6-week Advanced Drawing Course

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