Online Children’s Art Class with Marco Corsini

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Ages: 9 – 14 years

4-week Online Course

  • Dates: Wednesdays, 6th-Oct, 13th-Oct, 20th-Oct, 27th-Oct, 2021
  • Time: 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Course fee: $140 inc. GST

This course for students aged 9 to 14 will focus upon ongoing development of foundational skills in art making while also studying historical art images.

Each class will consist of the discussion of particular historical artworks and the techniques with which they are made. This will flow into practical work, whereby Marco will demonstrate before the children will do their own work. Technical support for drawing and painting, as with our regular studio classes, will be provided where necessary.

Zoe, watercolour on paper, 2018

Marco will also be asking the students to work independently outside of the session and check-in weekly.

Marco will be video conferencing live from the MAC studio into students’ own studios. This course will not be a series of recorded videos. The program, Zoom, that we will be using allows students to interact with each other as well as with Marco to collaboratively explore art techniques.

Marco is also able to engage in one-on-one coaching with students during the class just like in the studio.

Enrolments for this class will be limited to 12 students.

Serena, from Children’s Studio Art Class

Materials (some additional easy to access materials may be required from week to week)


  • Drawing pad or loose paper, preferably A3 size or larger with a supportive backing
  • Pencils, preferably HB or 2B, or a charcoal pencil
  • Charcoal sticks are great also, but not essential
  • Table with props: to be advised


  • 12 A3 or A4 watercolour sheets in pad or loose
  • Set of Watercolour paints
  • Set of Watercolour brushes
  • Watercolour palette or equivalent such as plastic lid
  • Paper towel
  • Water tub 

A complete Materials lists will be provided in the booking confirmation email, with most materials kept simple or easily accessible. 

Enrolment details

Dates: Wednesdays; 6th-Oct, 13th-Oct, 20th-Oct, 27th-Oct
Time: 4:14 – 5:45 pm
Location: Online via Zoom
Materials: See above
Course fee: $140 inc. GST

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    Student and parent feedback

    “The class was perfect and Marco was very diligent!” – Boyco, 2019

    “Coco loves this class with Marco.  He is a patient and skillful arts teacher.  We are very glad that we found this art class.”- Pearl, 2018

    “We recommend the course very much. Marco is a very good teacher. He inspires the students and teaches fundamental skills, also a very good communicator with kids and parents.  We are very happy about the course.” – Yuki, Dec 2016

    “Marco showed the ability to accommodate all of our needs with kindness and a willingness to spend the time to push through. Marco showed that he is flexible enough to handle anyone with respect.” – Roz, 2018