Online Corporate Drawing Workshop with Marco Corsini

It was a very worthwhile workshop and good for us to be using different parts of our brain – as well as to share what each was doing and achieving. The team enjoyed the time very much – you are a great and patient teacher!

Elisabeth, Leadership Team, K- 12 school.

A one hour workshop which can bring together your team for a fun, educational and rewarding drawing experience. These workshops have been well received and are a great “de-stresser” for teams. Participants who are working from home can bring along their families, making the workshop an asset during lockdown.

These workshops are taught by Marco Corsini, founder and Director of MAC. They build on Marco’s extensive experience of teaching drawing. Participants only need to bring a pencil and drawing pad or paper, or any other drawing material they would like to use. Marco will use an observational approach to demonstrating some simple but effective ways that participants can improve their drawing.   

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