Online Drawing Level 1 with Michelle Caithness

Level: Beginner

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5-week Online Course

  • Dates: TBC
  • Time: TBC
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Course fee: TBC

Michelle will be teaching from her studio using Zoom, with each session running live for three hours. Classes are restricted to about eight places to ensure one-on-one tuition.

Drawing is fundamental to any artistic practice. This online course introduces the key elements and techniques of drawing and will help beginner students, and artists who would like to revisit the fundamentals.

During this course, you will explore line, tone, proportion and perspective and discover effective ways to see and use these elements in a drawing.

Student work from Michelle’s drawing class.

Over the five weeks, you will be drawing from Still Life to help understand the subject’s structure, proportions and the placement of its compositional elements. Students will be encouraged to adopt the techniques being used to enable a retraining of how they perceive the subject they are drawing.

During the course you will learn about:

  • Structural sketching or basic line drawing
  • Proportion
  • Value or tone (light and dark)
  • Composition
  • Perspective

This course is not a series of recorded videos, rather it is an online version of our usual Drawing Level 1 course. The program, Zoom, that we will be using allows students to interact with each other as well as with Michelle to collaboratively explore drawing techniques. Michelle is also able to engage in one-on-one coaching with students during the class, just like in the studio.

This class is recommended for students who have some familiarity with working in an online environment. Students will need to provide their own materials and props. 

Participants are asked to bring the following to the first session:

  • Drawing pad or loose paper, preferably A3 size or larger with a supportive backing
  • Pencil, preferably HB or 2B, or a charcoal pencil
  • Charcoal sticks are great also, but not essential
  • Table with the following props: can or drinking glass, bowl and vase

Enrolment details

Dates: TBC
Time: TBC
Location: Online via Zoom
MaterialsSee materials page
Course fee: TBC

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    Student feedback

    “I absolutely enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the foundations of drawing. Michelle was excellent and extremely helpful and patient. I would love to do more workshops with her.

    The content was pitched at the right level, and we had a range of people who were at different levels. Michelle was able to help everyone at the level they were at, which helped to keep everyone engaged.

    I thought the length of the workshops and the duration of the course was just right. The materials were easy to gather and use, as we drew many household, readily available items.

    Overall, I thought Michelle was brilliant, knowledgeable and had a bottomless pit of patience!! I would highly recommend Michelle and your workshops to anyone.”

    – Wendy, November 2020

    “Michelle facilitated an open, positive space. She recognised everyone’s innate creativity, encouraged exploration and failure and so kindly referred to us as ‘artists’. While I understand the course content needed to be adapted to the remote delivery, it also made it less intimidating for me to explore something artistic. Once, Michelle even drew on a photo I texted of my drawing and sent it back to me so I could see exactly what she meant, which was really helpful. 

    It seemed to cover fundamentals of drawing and to challenge how you see the world around you. I also got a lot from watching what Michelle demonstrated and what she did as she worked.”

    – Meredith, October 2020

    “I thought the class was very good; Michelle was very approachable and took the time to really explain and demonstrate the content. I have always been able to draw a little bit – but knew that I would greatly benefit from quality instruction, which Michelle was able to provide.”

    – Katrine, August 2020

    “I came away from each session with something new to work on. And it was a continuing theme of Miclelle’s that drawing each day is necessary to improve. I thought the key ideas were covered in a progressive, relatable way and we were given tasks to do for homework each week. 

    Michelle is a talented artist and experienced teacher – I loved the way she could zone in on our drawings and direct us on where we had gone astray & how to remedy it- I would happily have had her on my case as often as possible. Also enjoyed watching her draw – that in itself is a teaching tool”

    – Merelyn, August 2020