Studio Art Course reviews from our students

Marco Corsini’s popular Studio Art Courses are the foundation of Melbourne Art Class. Students learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting or work on personal projects under Marco’s guidance. Read our testimonials below, and see our students’ work from class here.

Jo Wellington, oil on canvas, 2017

Thank you for your guidance. I have your notes and I won’t forget what you have taught me. Your course is a really positive attribute to the Melbourne art community and what you and your peers are doing is wonderful.”
– Leonard, 2017

“Wonderful art class.
My favourite few hours of the week!”
– Paula, 2017

“I started attending the ESAP drawing class as a 28-year-old beginner.  I hadn’t really drawn anything since art classes at school, and I remembered those as fairly pitiful.  I am so glad I started the course with Marco.  The classes really are for all levels – I worked very happily alongside some very experienced and talented attendees and was never made to feel uncomfortable or out of my depth. It was the perfect environment for us all to develop at our own pace. The introductory mini-lectures and guest talks are fantastic and varied, and the programme is very well designed to challenge and inspire. I look forward to art class every week – it is a time to relax and learn, and I look forward to starting my third term in the new year. Thanks, Marco – I’m really proud of my achievements and you should be too.
– Rosie Dec-13

“The classes have been really enjoyable and instructive from the talks to the teaching.”
– John, Dec-13

“I have been attending ESAP classes for the last 18 months and have found Marco’s arts program highly enjoyable and stimulating.

Besides having made many new friends through ESAP, the program’s relaxed and friendly environment – in combination with Marco’s expert guidance – have helped me begin the journey into exploring my own creativity.

In 2012, I completed a Certificate of Visual Arts at the VCA.  Studying commitments meant it was often difficult for me to make it to Tuesday night classes. Or, if I did make it to class, I would arrive late with no idea of what I might work on.  However, since Marco provides the option to attend classes at a casual rate and because a wide variety of media and materials is provided to students, there were always plenty of options available to me.

The things I love most about ESAP are the flexible format and the creative community of students who are always happy to have a chat over a cup of tea during class or provide feedback to you on your work.

At the beginning of each Term, Marco provides us with a break-down of topics or activities to be covered during each weekly class.  As a casual student of the program, this enables me to schedule those classes into my diary which I simply cannot miss! For example, life drawing, clay sculpture, a presentation on a particular artist/art movement/medium, or a guest artist talk.

During ‘project sessions’ we work on our own personal creative projects.  During this time Marco challenges me to look at things in a different way, or try an alternate way of working – though I must say I never feel pressured to work in a certain way.  Consequently, I have noticed an improvement in my observational and drawing abilities and am gaining confidence with my painting.

Marco is professional in his arts teaching and provides a good balance of challenge and gentle guidance.” 
– Carla, 2012

“I stumbled upon Marco’s class, and with his teaching techniques, I have not looked back. Tuesdays are now one of my favourite days of the week.

Classes are structured in a way to give students the freedom to work on their own personal projects, or to participate in Marco’s lessons, whether it be still/life drawing/painting/sculpture/animation etc. Marco has challenged me to look at a still life differently, and I have produced many pieces I am very happy with over 2012, which I would have never created on my own.

Marco takes time to aid and critique everyone’s work over the course of a lesson, with a great sensitivity that is very encouraging. His scheduled talks on various artist are also particularly inspiring, as well as guests artists who visit the studio.

I would highly recommend this art class to anyone who needs to dedicate time to their creative pursuits, from beginners to advanced. They have greatly helped with my confidence and art production.” 
– Lauren, 2012

“Marco’s classes helped me enormously: not only enjoyable and informative but also enabling me to apply for further study.” 
– Marion, RMIT University, 2011