Weekly Art Project

Born from a desire to help motivate beginner and experienced artists alike to keep creating during lockdowns, we bring you our new initiative to help inspire and educate.

A new project will be posted here each week, or you can choose to sign up to receive the weekly project straight to your inbox.

We encourage you to share your work on facebook or instagram and tag Melbourne Art Class and / or use the hashtag #MACartproject so that we, and others in the art community, can enjoy and support your work. (Not social network inclined? Email your work to us at hub@melbourneartclass.com)

Just for fun, or to be taken more seriously if you like, we hope this content inspires you to create.

Week 1: Mondrian’s tree

Week 2: The ambiguous space

Week 3: Composition and colour, Matisse’s Cut-Outs

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    Henri Matisse, The Parakeet and the Mermaid 1952, MOMA