Online Courses

Below you will find all our online courses, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Future courses

Online Children’s Art Class with Marco Corsini – The class of ideas

This is a specialised course for students aged 9 to 14 that uses ideas based approach to looking at art, the times within which they were created and the underlying question the work attempts to answer.

Online Drawing Workshop with Marco Corsini

Be introduced to some of the most powerful drawing techniques you will ever use. With a focus on the perception of a three-dimensional world this intensive is designed to re-train your brain to see. 

Online Drawing Level 1 with Michelle Caithness

Drawing is fundamental to any artistic practice. This online course introduces the key elements and techniques of drawing and will help beginner students, and artists who would like to revisit the fundamentals.

Online Exploring Drawing Course with Marco Corsini

Be introduced to significant historical drawings and their techniques which are demonstrate while you follow along in your studio. There will be an opportunity for regular feedback as you progress.

Online Studio Practice with Marco Corsini

Continuing over a decade of Studio Art Classes Founder and Director of Melbourne Art Class, Marco Corsini, will be video conferencing live from the MAC studio into your own studio.

Online Drawing the Portrait Workshop with Marco Corsini

Using a live model, Marco will discuss and demonstrate how to develop a more accurate way of seeing and drawing the face. Students will be introduced to the process of drawing the portrait with a focus upon structure and accuracy.