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Introduction to Life Drawing

This Introductory Life Drawing short course will focus on the fundamentals of life drawing.

Introduction to Drawing

This course introduces the key elements and techniques of drawing and will help beginner students, and artists who would like to revisit the fundamentals.

Studio Art with Marco Corsini

Our Studio Art Courses are the foundation of Melbourne Art Class. In these classes you have the freedom to work on your own projects, or our Still Life display with guidance from an experienced teacher and professional artist. 

Children’s Art Classes – Painting and Drawing for ages 9 to 12 with Marco Corsini

This is an ongoing course which focuses on the fundamental techniques for painting and drawing, combining this with a mentoring approach for children wanting some creative freedom.

Teenagers’ Studio Art Classes – for ages 13 to 18 with Michelle Zuccolo

This class is for students who are interested in creating outside of regular school hours and would like to further develop their artistic skills.

Introduction to Portraiture Painting

This is a technical course where you will be painting from two live models and will be introduced to the process and fundamentals of portraiture painting.

Painting and Abstraction with David Palliser

Melbourne Art Class welcomes one of Australia’s most extraordinary abstract artists – David Palliser – to conduct a workshop series about working in abstraction.

Drawing from Nature – en plein air with Marco Corsini

This course provides a unique opportunity to draw alongside, and receive tuition from artist Marco Corsini in his natural element – the outdoors. Be inspired and become connected with nature through art.

Drawing Bootcamp with Marco Corsini

Be introduced to some of the most powerful drawing techniques you will ever use. Founder and Director of Melbourne Art Class, Marco Corsini will draw on his extensive experience of working with beginner artist to set the foundation for a new way of seeing and drawing from life.

Introduction to Oil Painting

Learn about colour mixing, mediums, glazing and composition and create a painting over six weeks.

Japanese Ink Painting with Junko Azukawa

Join Junko, an award-winning shodo and sumi-eartist over three hours. She has exhibited widely in Japan and Australia, and her work, Bamboo Grove and the dragonfly, is in the permanent collection at the National Gallery of Victoria. 

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