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MAC Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to any and all purchases made with Melbourne Art Class; including direct enrolments and gift certificate and voucher purchases. By making a purchase with Melbourne Art Class (MAC), you agree that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions outlined below. This applies to all courses and workshops.

MAC makes financial commitments well in advance of a course beginning, including securing high-quality teachers, studios, and materials based on the number of enrolments received. Additionally, MAC limits class sizes to ensure students receive sufficient attention, resulting in a narrow profit margin. Therefore, late withdrawals and refund requests pose challenges for MAC to remain financially viable. 

This policy also applies when students are unable to attend all classes in a course. Accommodating partial course enrollments is generally not feasible for MAC due to the aforementioned commitments, which remain unchanged regardless of student attendance.

MAC’s Terms & Conditions aim to maintain a fair balance between honouring prior financial commitments and addressing withdrawal requests or unique attendance patterns.


Term definitions

Administration Fee: The administration fee encompasses the administrative tasks carried out up to the point of cancellation, such as processing the booking and reserving the spot. It also compensates for the potential loss of revenue resulting from the unfilled seat in the class.

Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fee is designed to cover the expenses incurred due to the cancellation of a reservation, including administrative costs and the loss of revenue from the vacant spot in the class.

Refunds: Money is paid back through the  payment method used to enrol in the course.

Credits: A monetary value is applied to your account in our booking system that can be utilised when making future bookings with MAC. This is automatically applied during the next checkout process.


Course withdrawal guidelines

Any request to withdraw from a course enrolment must be communicated to us in writing via email (hub@melbourneartclass.com). This refund and credit policy is based upon the time of receipt of any request.

Please see the table below for a summary of MAC’s Terms and Conditions and when a refund or a credit may be applicable.


Receipt of withdrawal request – period before course starts (days)


Refunds Credits
More than 7 days Full refund of purchased course fees, less a 5% administration fee Full credit of purchased course fees, with no administration fee
Between 7 and 3 days No refund available Full credit of purchased course fees, less 10% cancellation fee
Between 3 days and course start No refund available Full credit of purchased course fees, less 20% cancellation fee
After course has started No refund available Credit of remaining classes fees, less 25% cancellation fee


After the beginning of a course

  • We do not offer make-up classes due to the significant disruption they would cause and the impracticality of maintaining such a system within a small business, especially given the varying nature of course subjects.
  • If you are unable to attend one or multiple sessions during the course, we are unable to provide you with any credit, refund or replacement class due to MAC’s small class sizes and prior financial commitments (as outlined above). This applies to all term courses, short courses and multi-day workshops. Please consider this carefully prior to enrolling.
  • Swapping between courses early in the course may sometimes be possible, but only once and only if an alternative course exists and it has capacity.  
  • Course deferrals will incur the equivalent administration or cancellation fee as a course withdrawal in the table above.
  • Exceptions: At the discretion of MAC management, we may provide a credit for injury or illness if a current medical certificate can be provided. This will be determined on a case by case basis and ultimately decided by MAC. 
  • Retrospective requests are not permitted once the course has ended.


Refund process

All approved refunds will be made via your original payment method and may take up to 5 business days to reach your account from the date we have confirmed granting the refund (confirmation will generally take 1-3 days). If the original payment was made via bank transfer, we will request bank account details to issue the refund and the same time frames will apply.


Credit process

All approved credits will be applied within 3-4 days and are available to be used at any future purchase from MAC.


Class cancellations and numbers 

Classes may be cancelled if there are insufficient enrolments or illness. In this instance, a full refund will be offered to students who have enrolled and paid for any classes cancelled by Melbourne Art Classes. Where available, a make-up class may be offered as an alternative option. This refund does not apply to unforeseen events or catastrophes (please refer below to ‘Force Majeure’).


Teacher Illness

In the instance that a teacher becomes ill or unavailable, MAC will seek to provide another MAC teacher of similar specialisation for the session(s). If this is not possible and the class has to be cancelled, the choice of a full refund or a credit will be offered.


Force Majeure

Where a Force Majeure event such as an unavoidable or unforeseen interruption occurs to the courses or workshops, MAC may not be able to meet its obligations or may only partially be able to meet its obligations. This includes closure due to disease, government direction or health department direction. In the event that a course or class(es) are missed due to a Force Majeure event, MAC will endeavour to provide a rescheduled course or class. If a suitable reschedule is not possible, MAC may provide a credit or refund at management discretion, however in extreme circumstances, a credit or refund cannot be guaranteed because of the hardship also experienced by MAC.


If this policy concerns you or if you have any questions, please contact us via email (hub@melbourneartclass.com) and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

This policy is for all Melbourne Art Class enrolments from the 24th of May, 2024. A previous policy can be viewed at this link.