Marco Corsini

Studio Art, Painting, Drawing, Children’s and Teen's Art, Watercolour, Abstraction and Life Drawing courses

David Hamilton

Studio Art, Drawing, Painting and Life Drawing Courses

Michelle Zuccolo

Teenagers’ Art Courses

Sam Leach

Studio Art, Drawing and Painting courses

Camila Quintero

Children’s and Teen's Art Courses, Manga Workshops

Jaana Sahling

Creative Art Therapy Courses

Junko Azukawa

Japanese Ink Painting (sumi-e) and Hanko Stamp Carving Courses

Olivia York

Watercolour and Gouache, Illustration and Children’s Art Courses

Saffron Newey

Teenagers Workshops, Drawing & Painting Courses

Rina Kondakova

Children's Manga Illustration

Rachael Hammond

Children's Illustration, Digital and Watercolour
Our first studio: Enderby Studio, 314 Church St, Richmond

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