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This Introduction to Life Drawing short course will focus on the fundamentals of life drawing. Every session is conducted with a life model (undressed). You will be introduced to various strategies and techniques for drawing the figure. This course will assist beginner and intermediate artists in developing fundamental drawing techniques.


During this course, you will explore line, tone, proportion and value and discover effective ways to see and use these elements in a drawing.


Art Therapy with Jaana Sahling

In this course participants get to take a break from the daily rush to reflect and wind down. Through gently exploring different creative mindfulness exercises and trying different art materials we playfully engage with how we are feeling and what might help us to take care of ourselves in our day to day lives. We use creative processes and art making to focus on the here and now and to get out of the thinking brain and into a more tactile making experience.


Our School Holiday Workshops vary each school holidays, giving children and teen's a chance to try something new or deep dive into technique. Join us for our fun and engaging workshops with experienced artists and teachers guiding your creativity!

Bamboo, Junko Azukawa

Sumi-e is the ancient art of Japanese brush painting. Traditionally, paintings feature subjects from nature, such as flowers and birds. Melbourne Art Class welcomes award-winning sumi-e artist, Junko Azukawa to host a three-hour Japanese ink painting workshop.


Studio Art - Drawing and Painting classes Melbourne

Our Studio Art Courses are the foundation of Melbourne Art Class. In these classes you have the freedom to work on your own projects, or our Still Life display with guidance from an experienced teacher and professional artist. During the term, we sometimes have mini-lectures on a particular art movement, genre or technique. We welcome all skills levels, from complete beginners, to experienced artists who need a space and dedicated time to create.


This is a specialised course in painting and drawing which focuses on the development of foundational techniques, combined with a mentoring style support for children and teens producing their own artwork. These classes are for students who are interested in creating outside of regular school hours and would like to further develop their artistic skills. We aim to nurture our students’ natural artistic ability and interests, whilst also teaching the fundamentals of art practice.


This course is designed for people who are looking to learn the fundamentals of painting. Over the course, artist and teacher David Hamilton will introduce you to: Underpainting, Composition, Value (light and dark), Application of paint, Tonal painting.


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About Melbourne Art Class

Melbourne Art Class emerged from the community art classes being taught by Melbourne artist and teacher, Marco Corsini.

Marco’s Children’s Art Class and Enderby Studio Art Program were originally created in 2008 in collaboration with and sponsored by the Uniting Church at Enderby Studio in Richmond.

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Our teachers

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Marco Corsini

Studio Art, Life Drawing, Painting, Watercolour, Drawing and Children’s Art Courses

Marco Corsini (B.Ed.-Visual Arts and Master Of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne) specialises in painting and drawing.

David Palliser

Abstraction and Painting Courses

David has had over twenty solo exhibitions and his work has been acquired by collections such as the Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Artbank, and Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

Jaana Sahling

Art Therapy Courses

Jaana Sahling holds a Masters Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT) and BA Fine Arts (Nottingham Trent University).

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Art therapy is simply the use of art to improve mental health and well-being. A study showed that it offers several benefits for its participants. In a nutshell, it can...

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