Manga Illustration Short Course for Children School Grades 5-8 with Rina Kondakova

Manga refers to comics or graphic novels that have their origins in Japan. The prevalent Manga styles have garnered widespread popularity worldwide, leading to numerous children and teenagers exploring this particular art form.


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Japanese Manga course for children

Level: Beginner 
Ages: This course is designed for children school grades 5-8


4 Week Short Course

  • Dates: 12 February – 4 March 2024 (4 sessions)
  • Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Location: Union Studio
  • Course fee: $196 inc. GST

About this Course

MAC is excited to offer a 4-week course designed for children, focusing on the world of Japanese Manga. This distinctive drawing style, which has its roots in Japan, has gained widespread popularity across the globe. This style has become extremely popular among audiences all over the world and we see many children and teens experimenting with this kind of art.

Guiding our young artists on this creative journey is our talented teacher, Rina Kondakova. Students will learn about Manga Style’s rich history and then delve into the core components and techniques of this iconic style. Throughout this course, Rina will provide support and encouragement, fostering a positive and fun environment for artistic growth.

Rina is a former MAC student who garnered recognition by winning the prestigious Black Swan Portraiture Prize in her age group. Currently, Rina is on the path to earning a Bachelor of Fine Art.

To ensure the best learning experience, our short courses have limited availability, allowing Rina to provide personalised one-on-one instruction to each student. This tailored approach ensures that every participant receives the individual attention they need to flourish in their Manga artistry.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the world of Manga with Rina as your dedicated guide. Enroll now and be part of this creative journey!

Feature Image by Camila Quintero

Sample images by Rina Kondakova and Jasmine (student)

MAC Union Studio, Armadale

Wednesday morning and Thursday evening long pose, some short pose and occasional costumed Life Drawing for artists at our Union St, Armadale Studio.


What you'll learn

The basics of oil painting materials

Underpainting: How to begin an oil painting

About Grisaille

This workshop is a great start for an aspiring painter

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