8 February - 29 February 2024 (4 sessions)
Thursdays, 10am - 12pm - Union Studio

In this Creative Mindfulness Art Therapy course participants get to take a break from the daily rush to reflect and wind down. Through gently exploring different creative mindfulness exercises and trying different art materials we playfully engage with how we are feeling and what might help us to take care of ourselves in our day to day lives. We use creative processes and art making to focus on the here and now and to get out of the thinking brain and into a more tactile making experience.


Coming Soon

Creative Art Therapy with Jaana Sahling

7 March - 14 March 2024 (2 sessions)
Thursdays, 10am - 12pm - Union Studio

Art Therapy is for creative and personal expression, well suited to anyone who wants to slow down and connect with their inner self, with others and with their surroundings. This course focuses on developing an individual creative process and exploring ways to get into the creative flow.