Art Therapy Courses

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Time to stop – Art Therapy Course with Jaana Sahling

A four week course for creative and personal expression. This course is well suited to anyone who wants to slow down and connect with their inner self, with others and with their surroundings.

Future Courses

Creative Reflections – Introduction to Art Therapy Workshop with Jaana Sahling

This two-day workshop offers participants a chance to pause and reflect on how they are feeling right now, as well as imagining their future selves in a safe and nurturing space. 

Finding your creative expression – Art Therapy Short Course with Jaana Sahling

This course is designed for participants who are seeking to discover or rediscover their creative expression. Revive the joy of creating with the expert guidance of Art Therapist, Jaana Sahling.

Image: Carolyn Howells, Art Therapist