Mindfulness Art Therapy with Carolyn Howells

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Carolyn Howells
Carolyn Howells

This Mindfulness Art Therapy course is tutored by Carolyn Howells (BA psych, Dip Art Therapy), a qualified Art Therapist and Florist. She is passionate about the benefits available to health and well-being through the practice of art and floral design.

During the workshop the course will cover:

A brief introduction to Mindfulness and Art Therapy and how these techniques can help move you from stress to calm.

Mindfulness, relaxation and short Meditation techniques practiced.

Art Therapy
A choice of mediums will be offered including collage materials, watercolour pencils, textas, pencils, pastels.

  • Collage – Gratitude journal
  • Abstract art- Expression of feelings
  • Relaxation art – Abstract art for relaxation
  • Mandala – Intuitive art in a circular drawing

Art therapy is for self-exploration, as no-one else can interpret your artwork; only you know what you think and feel and express through the art. There is the opportunity to share and gain new understanding through the verbal process if you choose to.

No creative ability is required for Art Therapy, it is more about drawing a
colour, shape and/or symbol to represent a feeling, not the outcome of the

If you are looking for art instructional courses, please see our current courses for a more appropriate class.

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    Feedback about Carolyn’s Art Therapy Courses:

    “Carolyn was very professional, shared her knowledge and wisdom in an easy way.  Made all participants feel safe.” – Marion, 2018

    “Good introduction session into mindfulness and art therapy. Clear instruction, easy to follow and very insightful. Carolyn is great at breaking down knowledge barriers and taking away my anxiety of getting into something new with the way she explains things and relating to people.” – Ling, 2018 

    “I was really impressed with the class that Carolyn ran. She is professional, knowledgeable and has a gentle and warm facilitation style which made everyone feel included and valued. It was such a pleasure to attend the class, and I’ll definitely be recommending it to my own contacts. As a fellow adult educator/coach in the arts I understand some of the challenges with running these sorts of workshops, but Carolyn’s mix of structure and flexibility and facilitation style worked so well. I look forward to attending another art therapy session with MAC at some point in the future.” – Bronya, January 2016

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