Drawing , photography and time

Jesse Dayan, Before 1960, oil on canvas

Jesse Dayan gave a facinating talk last night about his most recent Brunswick show. He described this work as a form of research into the implications of the use of photographs within drawing and painting practice. Of particular interest to me was his description of how each medium relates to time and each other. I am hoping to put up a transcript of the talk soon.

2 thoughts on “Drawing , photography and time

  1. It was very interesting, I like photography for its realism – I look at the detail of clothes, room, face and appreciate the moment as I can feel the photographer there- I know they were in the moment either composing and choosing or snapping wildly and grabbing something anyway. A drawing or painting offers a reflective considered response that highlights those elements the artist responded to. It tells me about the artist like the photograph tells me about the photo artist. It’s all choices decisions and interpretations- all snapshots evoking different responses and rationales. Got me thinking thanks!

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