Floral Design short course

Floral Design short course, Melbourne
Image: C. Howells, Vintage Style, Floral Design short course

I first saw Carolyn Howells’ work in the form of a bridal bouquet. It was made up of tulips bound together in a bold bright combination of colours and the simplicity and beauty of the arrangement made an impression on me. In talking with Carolyn recently, I realised how amazing the art of floral design, floral art or if you like, floristry, is. Designers such as Carolyn are doing amazing creative pieces of work which retain and even enhance the fragile beauty of the flower yet make bold statements in new territories such as installation.
Carolyn is joining with Melbourne Art Class to teach a course in Floral Design. Carolyn will be bringing her experience as a floral designer, as the former owner of the florist, Henley by Design in Adelaide and more recently as a qualified Art Therapist. In the spirit of creating unique courses, Carolyn is putting together a course which combines the best of all her experience.
For more information about Carolyn’s Floral Design short course please go to: https://melbourneartclass.com/floral-design-course/


Lily at work in the Young Artist Program

December 15, 2013


Maree Woolley

October 17, 2013