Student work from our Abstract Painting Workshop

We recently held an Abstract Painting Workshop with Irene over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
Students followed a process which took them from creating a collage from coloured paper and some found magazine images to the undertaking of an abstract or semi-abstract painting in oils or acrylics.
Painting from collage allowed the students to experience the entire process of making an artwork, even when there has been difficulty in starting an artwork before. During the course, the students learnt about the elements and principles of design; conceptual elements; tone, colour, composition and narrative; and how to unearth deeper and more meaningful aspects of an abstract piece.
You can see Karin’s process below:

Karin, paper collage
Karin, paper collage
Karin, mixed media on canvas
Karin, oil on canvas

And here are some other final pieces from the workshop:

Ariel, mixed media on canvas
Ariel, oil on canvas
Matthew, mixed media on canvas
Matthew, acrylic on canvas
Christina, mixed media on canvas
Christina, oil on canvas

We would like to thank these students for sharing their incredible work! If you are interested in a painting course at MAC, we are currently offering general courses in oils and acrylics. You can also explore abstraction (or anything you like!) in our Studio Art Course on Tuesday nights.