Drawing Classes

Introduction to Drawing: The four elements of sketching with Hilmi Baskurt

This six-week course exploring the four basic elements of sketching and drawing is designed to help students understand the subject’s structure, proportions and the placement of its compositional elements. 

Drawing and Painting with Marco Corsini (weekday) 

Tuesday or Friday morning sessions in painting and drawing with Marco Corsini. Running as a Term course.

Drawing Bootcamp with Marco Corsini – Nov 4th

In seven hours, be introduced to some of the most powerful drawing techniques you will ever use. Founder and Director of Melbourne Art Class, Marco Corsini will draw on his extensive experience of working with beginner artist to set the foundation for a new way of seeing and drawing from life.

Drawing in Nature – en plein air with Marco Corsini

This course provides a unique opportunity to draw alongside, and receive tuition from artist Marco Corsini in his natural element – the outdoors. Be inspired and become connected with nature through art.

General Drawing – Cylinders, Flowers, Fold and Fish

During this course, Marco will introduce various classical strategies and techniques for drawing from Still Life. This course is well suited to people with some drawing experience who would like to return to a regular drawing, or want to re-establish the foundations of their practice.

Drawing II: The four elements of sketching with Hilmi Baskurt 

This is the much-anticipated follow-on course from Hilmi’s original drawing class, The First Elements of Sketching. Hilmi will be addressing a lot of common issues students experience in the first drawing course.

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Marco Corsini, A Thousand Suggestions, Mixed media on paper, 76 cm. x 57 cm

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