Our Teachers

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Marco Corsini – Studio Art, Life Drawing, Painting, Watercolour, Drawing and Children’s Art Courses

David Hamilton – Studio Art, Drawing, Painting and Life Drawing Courses

Graeme Drendel – Portraiture Masterclasses

David Palliser – Abstraction and Painting Courses

Ilona Kiss – Studio Art, Drawing, Painting and Children’s Art Courses

Jaana Sahling – Art Therapy Courses

Michelle Zuccolo – Teenagers’ Art Courses

Junko Azukawa – Japanese Ink Painting (sumi-e) Courses

Camila Quintero – Children’s and Teenagers Art Courses

Marta Gola – Portraiture and Children’s Art Courses

Olivia York – Watercolour and Children’s Art Courses

Michelle Caithness – Drawing and Painting Courses

Ignacio Rojas – Painting and Life Painting Courses

Enderby Studio, 314 Church St, Richmond

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