Celebrating spring with our Floristry Teacher, Carolyn Howells

After what seemed like (literally) an ice age, spring is finally here, bringing with it a new creative enthusiasm that infects many people. This can be a time of growth, re-birth and creation. Nothing beats sighting the first buds, then within the blink of an eye pink blossom trees are lining our suburb streets and daffodils are brightening up our parks.
This month Carolyn Howells, our Floristy and Art Therapy teacher, shares why spring is significant to her. Thank you Carolyn!

Carolyn Howells, 2015
Carolyn Howells, 2015

Is spring an inspirational time of year for you?
I love spring, where the days are getting longer and the weather is warmer (mostly) and all the bulbs begin to flower.  I find creative ideas grow and expand and I am inspired to get into the garden and the studio to paint, create flower designs, write workshops and put those ideas that have hibernated in the winter into action.
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What are your favourite flowers during this season?
My favourite flowers during spring are, daffodils, I especially love the double daffodils, they are stunning with their pale yellow outside petals and bright yellow inner petals, jonquils, iris especially the flag iris, the vibrant coloured tulips, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, ranunculus, stock, and freesias – especially the ones growing wild.  In spring the fragrance of the flowers is exceptional.  I also love to watch the trees get buds in late winter in preparation for blooming and then watch the beautiful fragile flower blossom in spring.  The rhododendron is amazing too; the colours range from deep burgundy, to hot pink and pale pink.
Which flowers typically make up a spring flower arrangement?

Carolyn Howells
Carolyn Howells

Spring is one of the best seasons for mixed posies of hyacinths, tulips, iris, erlicheer, roses, stock, freesias and rhododendron for both the foliage and the flower.
The visual impact with all the textures is amazing and they smell delicious.
Art therapy – what does spring mean for you?

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Carolyn’s Floral Design class

Art Therapy in spring can vary from year to year depending on what is happening in my life.  This year I find I have more energy to put things into action, especially around wellbeing.  I love to walk on the beach, practice my mindfulness, get out in my garden and pick straight from the veggie patch to make healthy salads for my family.  I have kept an art journal over winter with design plans for my garden and now I can finally get out there and start redesigning.  I am so inspired by the flowers in spring and love coming up with new ideas and designs to do both in flower design and my art.  I am in the process of updating an art therapy based goal and action board, with all my ideas coming to life as change and growth happen this spring.
Thank you very much Carolyn for sharing this with us! Find out more about Carolyn, her Floristy Courses and Art Therapy.