A New Image for Melbourne Art Class

In case you hadn’t noticed, Melbourne Art Class has an exciting new look on the way!
The first step on our re-design journey has been our fantastic new logo, which is designed by one of our students: Zoe Coombe!
Melbourne Art Class is really proud of the strong sense of community we have with our students and we wanted to incorporate this into our overall image. Zoe has cleverly crafted a logo that is a representation of not only three simple shapes; the triangle square and circle; but also the perspective between shapes and the connection with the outer shape. This is representative of our community and an interaction between students and teachers.
Over the next few months you’ll be seeing quite a few changes on our website and social media. To introduce you all to the creative mind behind the design, we asked Zoe a few questions about what inspires her and why doing classes with Melbourne Art Class helps her creativity.

Zoe Coombe, Graphic Designer
Zoe Coombe, Graphic Designer

Thanks for all your efforts on our new logo Zoe. We’re really happy with how it incorporates  our community and so many shapes in just one heptagon!
Can you tell us what motivated you to become a graphic designer?
I just followed what made me happy. Art was my ‘fun’ class at school. During my final year, I went to the Uni open days and was always drawn to the art departments. After that, it was a natural progression that led me to design. 
What do you derive inspiration from when designing?
Fine art, other designers, books. Anything I come into contact with.
Is there a particular aesthetic that you lean towards and why?
Not really, my solutions are driven by the project and what communication best resolves the brief and reaches the correct audience.
What do enjoy most about designing?
The variation in projects. Designing gives me a chance to work on a broad range of projects and keep things interesting. 
Why did you begin classes at Melbourne Art Class?
Sometimes it is nice not to work to a brief or a tight deadline. Just to create for pleasure. It gives me a chance to let the creative juices flow and to generally make time for art. 
How do the classes influence or complement your design work?
It gives me a chance to brush up on techniques and learn from other artists. 
We’re really excited that Zoe has joined us for our re-design journey and look forward to seeing our vision come to fruition.