Explore your goals for 2016 through Art Therapy

AT 2016_01_07 pic
Carolyn Howells, 2015

It is great to have New Year’s resolutions and goals for the future. We will be holding a New Years Art Therapy and Mindfulness Workshop on January 7, which will enable you the time to look at your goals for the year ahead and enable you to see how you would like to achieve them.
In this workshop we will explore the year ahead with the use of art therapy, then learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help maintain equanimity, increase joy and gratitude in our lives
No artistic ability is needed as the art is an expression of your thoughts and feelings through colour, shapes and symbols using various art mediums. Some of the mediums we will use are collage, acrylic paints, and pastels.
Through the creative process we will look at where you are now, any new directions you would like to take, which in turn can bring new insights and strategies for living.  These art processes give you a chance to experiment with changes you may like to make in 2016 before trying them out in real life.
Sometimes we may really want to try something new, but there are blocks or things stopping us from trying (fear, anxiety, perfectionism, money); the art therapy can look at these and help problem solve so you can move forward if you choose to.
It is for self exploration, as no-one else can interpret your artwork, only you know what you think and feel and express through the art.  There is the opportunity to share and gain new understanding through the verbal process if you choose to.

Workshop details

Date: 7th January
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: $143
Location: Enderby Studio, 314 Church Street, Richmond

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