Painting Courses

Please select the painting course of interest to see more details:

Introduction to Oil Painting with Hilmi Baskurt – Fridays/Saturdays

Students in this course are encouraged to develop drawing skills, conceptual understanding and technical proficiency in painting using a classical approach modified for contemporary use.

Introduction Watercolour Painting with Michelle Zuccolo 

Students will be introduced to basic watercolour painting techniques such as colour mixing, laying washes, colour glazing and lifting out. Also discussed, will be the selection of basic colours in pans or tubes, brushes, watercolour papers, palettes and accessories.

Drawing and Painting with Marco Corsini (weekdays)  

The program is a studio-based class that mixes personalised tuition with a program of short technical presentations.

Painting using Colour and Abstraction Workshop with Marco Corsini

During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of colour theory and how to use colour in painting. You will also learn about composition in painting and explore abstraction.

 Painting of the Figure with Hilmi Baskurt – Saturday

Hilmi’s course will focus on the fundamentals of figurative oil painting and how to represent human flesh on the canvas.

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4 thoughts on “Painting Courses

  1. Hi, I am interested in participating in your oil and acrylic painting classes. Could you please forward me a list of the materials eg. paints (specific colours) and the brushes I would require. Many thanks, Patti Ross

  2. I’ve done two Flemish Painting Technique classes with Himi and am so thrilled with the results am moved to leave feedback.

    I really enjoyed Himi’s teaching style. He’s quiet and confident, firm and precise but also gentle. Intensely knowledgeable and skilled too. I think one of the most important things in a learning environment is to have the freedom, comfort and latitude to feel free to make mistakes; countered with a confidence in your lecturer that they can pull you up on these without making you feel awkward or disenchanted and have the skill to pull your work back from the brink so you can move forward. That’s a tricky balance.

    Hilmi did this with me many times and I am hugely grateful and inspired to continue.

  3. I attended Hilmi’s Flemish Painting Technique and Drawing Master Classes. They were the most enjoyable and fun classes I ever attended! Hilmi is the most patient teacher who ACTUALLY helps out and teaches real techniques. I really loved the “more action and less drama” based approach and I will return again soon for another class (when I am not too broke).

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