Drawing Course review from our students

Hilmi’s Introduction to Drawing Course – the Four Elements of Sketching is one of our most popular beginners’ course and ideal for practising artists who want to return to the fundamentals of drawing. Read our testimonials below, and see our students’ work from class here.

Erin, charcoal on paper, 2016

Hilmi always hits the point. It’s not hard for me to understand the lesson, given I have a very limited background in art. He does not use obscure, technical language to explain things; but simple and plain English, which is accessible for beginners.

-Erin, April 2017

As a drawing beginner, this was a great chance for me to ‘jump in the deep end’, but with some structure and guidance from a skilled and experienced professional. I learned a huge amount and have much to go on with as I continue my journey. Thanks Hilmi!

Steve, March 2015

This is a great course for both beginners and experienced artists. Personally, it taught me the value of structural drawing and how I can now incorporate it into my existing practice to come out with a more accurate depiction of still life objects and portraits.

Hilmi is a great teacher who lets you progress and work out on your own your style and helps guide you in the right direction when you get stuck!

– Sandra, March 2015

It’s a great course to build up the good foundation for future art practice. Hilmi is a great teacher who patiently provides guidance to beginner and experience students. I enjoyed and learned lots from this three day workshop.

Michelle, March 2015

I am a beginner who is in the process of preparing my portfolio in order to apply into university to do what I have always wanted to. After two courses with Hilmi Baskurt, I found my passion for drawing nurtured and provoked.
I loved the way I was made to feel comfortable with my own style, yet at the same time thrown out of my comfort zone by pushing boundaries and overcoming my limits.

My skills were both refined and perfected. I could actually feel Hilmi’s dedication in wanting to make a difference in each student’s personal improvements.

I have been to many other classes and am yet to see such effort and encouragement; not to mention that Hilmi’s knowledge was impressive.
I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to master their skill set. As for myself, I am enrolling into his other coming courses for sure.

– Max, March 2015

I love drawing but have had very little in the way of formal training. This course offered some wonderful, foundational techniques that both challenged and stretched my basic skill level. The results after such a short time were very encouraging. Hilmi is a great teacher, clear in his process and instruction, and offers very helpful feedback. I’ve learned a lot and feel far more confident in my drawing as a result. Thanks for a great course. 

– Lisa, May 2015

This was a really enjoyable course that progressed at the right pace (I’ve never drawn before so beginner steps) The course would suit different levels though, and Hilmi was really patient and helpful. I’ve learned a lot in these few weeks and look forward to progressing through the many layers of learning to draw. Thank you

Averyl, May 2015